Thursday, August 20, 2009

Leo Di in ♥ with Chocolate?

I don't know about love...but he does seem to be enjoying himself some CHOCOLATE GODDESS!!!!!!!!!


When I was a little girl, some kid at camp told me my crush on Leo was pointless, because he would never date a Black woman...


Oh, and she's a dark skinned chocolate dyme...even better!


jess said...

that doesnt look like Leo in that first pic. BTW what happened to if the question of if she is a GOOD PERSON or not. Look at how bad Erika Dunlap treats her wm hubby on the amazing race.

BLACKkittenROAR said...

I'm assuming that you're white, right? Or at the very least not black and are somewhat oblivious to race? (I'm really not trying to put you on the defensive, but most POC know better than to make a comment like that).

You're entirely missing the point I was trying to make. Black women are always being discouraged from dating outside their race even though we out number our men. Instead of looking outside the race we are told to lower our standards, or even share men. The media also constantly berates with the message that we are not beautiful (especially if we are dark) and therefore not desirable.

IMO glossing over issues with sunshine, lollipops, and bullshit just because it makes some people uncomfortable is absolutely asinine. Black women are seen to be on the bottom. We get a double hit of both racism and sexism. I'm not going to ignore that and pretend that this world is just about "good people" when for the most part myself and those like me are seen as less-than-human garbage simply because of the colour of our skin. Seeing positive images of ourselves as beautiful and desirable are very much needed in a world that degrades us on a daily basis.

So as much as you would like to derail this post and make it be about something its not, this is a positive post, and this does have everything to do with race; it is important.

Anonymous said...

Nothing else to add to your on-point post, BLACKkittenROAR, except *applause*.

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