Friday, July 10, 2009

I told myself I was gonna leave it alone, but...

Since Michael Jackson's death, I will admit that I have started and deleted many blog posts on my thoughts about the Pop star. I was sure that if someone else hadn't already said it, in 5 minutes somebody else would. I will admit, I even became tired of the non-stop coverage of Michael. Not because I don't think that MJ was a superstar and deserved it, but because of the so many under-handed comments and exploitative nature of the coverage within and outside the blogosphere and the internets.

I never wanted to come off as disrespectful, because there is a time and a place for everything, and hours or days after his death on some random blog was neither the time nor the place. And besides, I'm far from being any sort of expert on anything significant.

Unfortunately, not everybody felt the same way. All of a sudden, people with absolutely no business doing so were dissecting something they never could have any clue about: White people, sometimes y'all just need to shut the fuck up.

I am so tired of these so-called white experts. Bill O'Reilly is an idiot. On very seldom occasion do I ever even partially agree with what the man has to say on anything. I'm sure he's not really as stupid as he comes off sounding, and that he's really just that arrogant, but wow...sometimes I am just not convinced, because how can one continuously spout such nonsense?

MICHAEL JACKSON WAS BLACK! He was a BLACK man, he was a BLACK superstar, and He was a BLACK icon. BLACK, BLACK, BLACK, BLACK, BLACK. Got it? Should I say it some more? BLACK! No matter how much Michael Jackson supposedly wanted to erase his BLACKNESS, he was BLACK. BLACKNESS is inescapable. Which is probably why he opted to have white children, if indeed he did indeed hate his BLACKNESS so much. I did not know Michael personally, so I can't say that he indeed hated himself for being BLACK. All I have to go on is the image he presented to the public: a BLACK man with bleached skin, but a BLACK man who placed BLACK folks in Egypt in a music video, who sang about it not mattering what colour a person's skin was, and raised money for causes in Africa. If nothing else, one can't deny that MJ was aware, and even somewhat conscious when it came to the subject of his BLACKNESS.

I mean what are the alternatives here, that he was white? That is impossible, he was born a Black human being. A part of me almost believes that anyone making the claim that Michael Jackson wasn't Black is attempting to claim him as his or her own. But since he broke down so many barriers for Black people in the music industry, and since he was so "weird" why would any white person want to claim him right? (*rolling eyes*) Guess that they're just addicted to the hype that is Michael.

And lets be honest about this weirdness. So he has white kids, who fucking cares. Madonna, and Angelina, and even my own mother have Black children...does that make them any less white? It sure doesn't!

So he bleached his skin. So do a lot of Black people. Even more wear fake eyes, and fake hair, or put dangerous chemicals on their heads in order to conform to what many believe to be the norm...and this isn't seen as odd. In fact, maintaining ones Blackness in its natural state is far weirder in the so-called Black community than destroying it. I'm not saying that's at all appropriate, or that there isn't something very wrong with it, but I am saying its normal.

As for the weirdness with children, I'm not touching that with a ten-foot pole, because I can't even properly makes sense of it my own self, but neither can a lot of people. So yeah, he definitely gets a weird penalty for that one, not for the molestation charges because he was acquitted, but for admitting on national television that he slept in the same bed as kids who were not his own.

But please you so-called white experts stop attacking MJ's Blackness! It's so uncool, because any intelligent white person knows that they will never ever understand what it is to be black. So please, stop acting like fools.


Anonymous said...


I agree with you.

It's amazing to me that people with no historical or personal context read: White people have become authorities on MJ and his blackness.

BTW: Thank you for visiting my blog, and for adding me to your blogroll. :)

BLACKkittenROAR said...

Thanks for returning the favour!
How anyone could deny that MJ was black simply does not makes any sense in my mind...especially someone who can't even grasp the concept of blackness and its duality; to exist as both human and black but never both in perpetual double consciousness...
Its completely beyond me.

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