Saturday, April 11, 2009

I...have a question...

As a Black woman, I would like to think that I have options. I would like to believe that when it comes right down to it, I can do whatever I please, that the world is my oyster (the leader of the "free" world is a Black man, for fucks sake...that alone should speak volumes about what Black people can potentially achieve, if they so please). So why is it, anytime it comes to interracial dating, and the Black woman, the answer is automatically "date a white dude"?

What if I don't want to? What if I want to date a Latino, or an Asian, or maybe an Arab, or a Jew? WHY, must the Black female be limited by these two choices: white, or black? We all know the expression 'bout nothing being black or white, just many shades of instead of running to whitey because the black man don't seem to be actin right, can't I just go brown?

I'm not saying there's anything wrong with dating a white dude, or even that I've never seen a Black woman with a man who was something other than black or just seems whenever the topic of interracial dating comes up, the only other "plausible" solution to the equation is a white dude.

I mean...Jesus Christ on a hot plate! It just seems so ridiculous to me! When I hear shit from Black women like..."well black men don't act right, so I'm gonna date a white dude," it makes me wonder do these woman really believe they are incapable of attracting something else?

I'm sorry, but I like flavour (yeah, I said it). I can't say I'd ever rule out vanilla, 'cause when it comes right down to it, love is blind...right? But when I hear shit from white people like, "oh, if you dated a white dude you would have such cute babies..." that shit just makes me wanna rebel/vomit. I refuse to fall into that silly sort of bullshit mindset that seems to plague so many...both white and black.

To be honest, on the day my Prince Charming comes riding in on his grey speckled pony, as long as he loves me, and treats me right, the shade he comes in doesn't really matter....but still...

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Fiqah said...

I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for linking my blog here. Yours is pretty imprssive, I loooooove the TV people! :o) About the whole "interracial = white" thing: I feel you. I wrote about this a li'l while ago, but one thing that was mentioned in that post was that Black/White couples are NOT the interracial paradigm. I think people kinda default to that image because - really - it's the one that stirs up the strongest feelings, even in this "post-racial" (NOT) world. And, of course, Black women aren't "allowed" to date men of other races, White ones especially.....YAAWWWWNNNNN. Too, too tired. Just live your life, keep your beautiful head up, and don't let despair drag you down, and you will be alright.

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