Tuesday, April 14, 2009

RIP Asia McGowan

This is so incredibly tragic. A beautiful, young Black woman's life has been extinguished.

Anthony Powell, the man Dearborn police believe killed 20-year-old student Asia McGowan in a college classroom Friday before killing himself, posted hateful videos on the Web site YouTube in which he railed against black women and people who believe in the theory of evolution.

Powell's grief-stricken parents -- a retired Detroit Police officer and a registered nurse -- said Sunday their 28-year-old son had a history of mental illness. Sam and Doris Powell said they tried for years to get help for their son's clinical depression and other problems but never suspected he would hurt another person. Source

Tragic and senseless, this was obviously a very disturbed man. Unfortunately though, he can't just be written off as an exception to the rule; an individual case of "crazy". This man, like many others harboured an inexcusable hatred for the Black woman. More extreme than most, in an act of extreme hate, he took this woman's life, this Black woman's life. For that, I'm sure his God has him burning in hell.

But there are many others who exhibit the exact same hatred for the Black woman on Youtube every day. It's disturbing, and so incredibly sad to see that the majority of those propagating this hatred are black men.

Black women are the most disrespected group on this planet. You can rape us, beat us, and murder us....and somehow it always seems to be our faults. People are actually trying to say that because Asia turned this monster down, this is the reasoning behind her murder.

Ummm...pardon me...but that's bullshit. I do not believe that anything could have stopped Anthony Powell from carrying out his plan. He was an incredibly confused individual. He was going to hurt himself, and somebody else regardless of the situation.

My thoughts and prayers go out to her family.


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